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Upcoming Featured Programs - Southern Oregon PBS

January 2021


The Alps

2-part episode. Explore Europe’s majestic mountain range, where plants and animals brave extreme seasonal fluctuations and treacherous natural disasters.

American Masters

How it Feels to Be Free

Explore the lives and trailblazing careers of six iconic African American entertainers—Lena Horne, Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone, Diahann Carroll, Cicely Tyson and Pam Grier.

Content channel

JAZZ by Ken Burns

Follow the growth and development of jazz: from the gritty streets of New Orleans to the Lincoln Gardens on Chicago’s Southside where Louis Armstrong first won fame.

February 2021


Beyond the Elements

Discover the fascinating chemistry that makes our world and everything in it—including us, in this 3-part mini-series from NOVA.

Independent Lens

Women in Blue

Follow Minneapolis’ first female police chief as she works to reform the Minneapolis Police Department by diversifying the ranks and promoting women into every rank of leadership.

American Experience

Voice of Freedom

Explore the life and legacy of singer Marian Anderson and her triumphant 1939 concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Marching Forward

Historical documentary produced by the University of Central Florida chronicles how two band directors crossed lines of segregation for their students.

Driving While Black

Discover how the advent of the automobile brought new mobility and freedom for African Americans but also exposed them to discrimination and deadly violence.

independent Lens

Mr. Soul!

A documentary film highlighting the groundbreaking public television program, SOUL!, and it's trailblazing producer and host, Ellis Haizlip.

My Music

This Land is Your Land

A musical journey through the evolution of modern American folk music, from its roots in bluegrass to San Francisco coffee houses to clubs in Greenwich Village.