J. Schwanke's Life in Bloom: Season 2

Airs Thursday at 12 p.m. beginning April 16

J Schwanke, host of Life in Bloom

J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is a half-hour lifestyle series that’s all about flowers, and the positive impact they make on daily life. The series returns to public television for a second season, with thirteen all-new episodes highlighting the positive effect that being creative with colorful blooms can have on your health and well-being. Season two is slated for release nationwide on public television stations beginning April 14, 2020.

Host J Schwanke is a fourth-generation florist, award-winning author, and speaker whose passion for flowers is infectious. “Research has shown the presence of flowers has an immediate impact on people’s health and happiness,” he says. “It’s been my life-long mission to show people how easy it is improve their daily lives, by including flowers. Viewers of season one have responded so positively to the beauty and relaxation flowers provide – even from just taking a break and watching the show. I’m excited to show many simple ways to interact with flowers, which can improve our environment, mood, and even physical well-being.”

Season two of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloomexpands the series’ focus on flower farms to other types of local growers, who connect with flowers in unexpected ways. J notes that, “Everything in the world is connected, so it’s important to consider things like sustainability; how the health of bee populations affects flowers, food and people; how pastures, which include flowering greens, provide nutrition in foods raised there; and the importance of getting to know your local farmer and learning about their practices.”

A wreath featured on the show.

Of course, J continues to show viewers easy ways to arrange flowers with simple techniques that ensure success. He also welcomes friends and guests for segments with crafts, cooking, cocktails, and flowers for entertaining. Additional episodes in season two showcase hand-crafted soaps, flowers for pets, and wearable flowers. J also introduces easy-to-make floral recipes, such as a twist on ‘dirt cake’ and several new, calming herbal cocktails.

J Schwanke Productions also creates ‘Pretty’ videos, which will be available this Spring on uBloom.comand Youtube.com/JSchwanke. ‘Pretty’ videos, which vary in length from:30 to 2:30, each feature a unique flower arrangement, completed to original music. The videos put beautiful flowers and foliage front and center, creating a simple project that will inspire viewers to create their own simple DIY flower arrangements.