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The BEACON of Thoughtful and Thought-Provoking Media

Today, there is no shortage of media. It's on demand, on every corner, and designed to bring heat-- but at PBS, we want more. We want to bring light.

For half a century, you've welcomed us into your home. You've transformed your televisions into history lessons and cooking classes, into National Parks and Great Performances.

You've proven that Americans are hungry for more than sensationalism. PBS is American: diverse in perspectives, but singular in purpose.

We believe in thoughtful and though-provoking media. We believe the best ideas illuminate, and even challenge. Most of all, we believe that no matter your experience or age, interests or income, PBS is yours, a space and community for everyone.

Together, we'll ignite a love of learning, deepen understanding, broaden horizons and connect people to the world around them-- anywhere, anytime. We'll transform our living rooms and communities and ourselves.

This is what public media is capable of. This is Southern Oregon PBS.

Woman seeing the world through her phone