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Student Reporting Labs with the PBS NewsHour

Southern Oregon PBS has partnered with several local schools to offer a Student Reporting Lab course, which teaches students vital journalism and video skills.

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Student Reporting Lab at Hedrick Middle School

An in-depth look at SO PBS's Student Reporting Lab at a local middle school.

What is a Student Reporting Lab?

The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL) are classes hosted at local schools during regular school hours that teach field production skills for broadcast news. The innovative video/journalism curriculum offers mentoring by SO PBS Education Coordinator Ben Garcia, as well as local teachers and the SRL NewsHour Staff. This course elevates student voices by giving them the opportunity to have their work published on the PBS NewsHour national website, and even possibly broadcast during the NewsHour.

What are the benefits of a Student Reporting Lab?

The SRL programs develop a range life skills in students, such as critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration. Students who complete the course demonstrate increases in their media literacy analysis skills and have a less apathetic view of news and journalism. Students also gain an increased interest in civic engagement activities particularly ones that are digital and collaborative, as well as commitment to volunteering and problem solving.

Student Video Production Portfolio

See examples of videos created by SO PBS SRL students.

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What would your 2020 time capsule have in it?

In this student report, student reporting labs reporter Diego Duarte-Chavez gets his families perspective on what they would include in a time capsule that contains items from the year 2020. Please like this video and hit the subscribe button.

Diego Duarte-Chavez began taking Hedrick Middle School's Video Production course last school year. This class teaches the PBS NewsHour's Student Reporting L

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Diego - Student Reporting Labs Video Assignment #1

Via Diego's Hedrick Middle School's Student Reporting Labs class (partnerships with SO PBS and PBS NEWSHOUR SRL) he completed this video assignment about stereotypes and misconceptions.