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Sight: The Story of Vision

A Film on the History, Science & Humanity of Vision

Our ability to see determines our quality of life, yet many of us take our sight for granted. A great portion of the world’s population struggles to see, and none of us will be able to escape vision loss in our lifetime.

That’s why it’s important to tell the story of sight.

Sight: The Story of Vision reveals the vision crisis that is taking place across the globe and the amazing individuals who fight to overcome it. The documentary will present the research to cure blindness and improve low vision in our aging population, and cover the intersect of optics, digital science and medicine that hold promises for all of us to keep our sight. The film also tells the history of using optics to correct vision and the fashion that keeps glasses on our noses.

This compelling film was made possible through contribution to Southern Oregon PBS’s “Sight: The Story of Vision Production Fund.” Sight:The Story of Vision was co-produced with Koenig Films, SOPTV’s partner in the production of 400 YEARS OF THE TELESCOPE.