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Oregon Caves: The Marble Halls of Oregon

Exploring the Oregon Caves National Monument

Take an adventure of discovery into the science and history of the Oregon Caves National Monument. Learn how these spectacular caverns were formed, and what creatures have visited and inhabited them over the years. From a vintage reenactment of the discovering of the caves to animated depictions of our current understanding of cave formation, the documentaries weave together the intricate stories of the people, landscape and architecture of the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Produced by Greg Frederick Productions in cooperation with SO PBS, the documentary reveals the unique beauty of the park’s surroundings and shows off the extraordinary cave tour where visitors can see endemic life forms, glowing cave formations, and the geological evidence of the land’s history.

Great Lodge of the Marble Halls of Oregon

Explore the historic Chateau at the Oregon Caves, one of the Great Lodges of the National Parks. Learn about the Mission-style furniture, famous guests, and how the Chateau was brought back from the brink of disaster. Built in 1934, the Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument is a rustic hotel in the Siskiyou Mountains adjacent to the entrance to the cave in the only active limestone formation in Oregon. The prime significance of Oregon Caves’ Chateau lies in its designer’s extraordinarily creative use of the limited building site and how he allowed the site to dictate major architectural choices.

The Chateau is a six-story structure with a reinforced concrete foundation and a superstructure of wood frame construction with enormous post and beam interior supports. The building spans a small gorge and a great deal of the building’s mass is banked into that depression. Exterior walls are shiplap siding sheathed with cedar bark, giving the building a shaggy, rustic appearance. The documentary was produced by Greg Frederick Productions in cooperation with SOPTV.



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