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Southern Oregon Treasures

SOPBS members and viewers share their “Southern Oregon Treasures” with a group of Southern Oregon Antiques and Collectables Club Expert Appraisers. Treasures include rare, unusual and on-of-a-kind items ranging from Disney collectables, autographed baseballs and turn-or-the-century china dolls to handcrafted fiddles, gold bracelets and antique furniture.

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Season 1

The Belle of Bourbon Clock. Dave, from Yreka, shares a rare “Belle of Bourbon” clock that was “thrown-in” when he purchased a group of other clocks at a liquidation sale. John Humphries appraises.

The Autographed Baseball. Doug, from Jacksonville, shares an autographed baseball he got in 1958 at an early L.A. Dodgers game with his father when he was 8-years old. George Schroeder appraises.

The Embroidery Stand. Laurie, from Grants Pass, shares an embroidery stand from the 1800s she bought in Yreka “spending more than my husband thought.” John Humphries appraises.

Menus from San Francisco. Marcia, from Chiloquin, shares her turn-of-the-last-century collection of menus from San Francisco that he grandfather collected. George Schroeder appraises.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collection. Marsha, from Medford, shares her mint condition Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs collectable figurines released right of the original Disney film. John Humphries appraises.

Porcelain Dolls. Patricia, from Ashland, shares a few of her turn-of-the-last-century china dolls from her collection of over 200 dolls. Debbie Crume appraises.

The Orange Blossom Special. Bill, from Ashland, shares one of the over 80 violins that his father made for his children and grandchildren, named “The Orange Blossom Special.” John Humphries appraises.

A Four Seasons Bracelet. Yvonne, from Medford, shares a “Four Seasons” 18-carte gold bracelet that her husband got while being deployed in Vietnam as a pilot. John Humphries appraises.

"Southern Oregon Treasures" was made in partnership with Southern Oregon Antiques and Collectables Club.
Thank you to all who participated in the production of "Southern Oregon Treasures."