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Student Showcase

Ashland High School Theatre


Ashland High School Theatre is truly unique in many ways. Over thirty theatre professionals now working have graduated from this program including technicians, actors, lighting designers, stage managers, and professional directors.  We pride our almost 29 -year collaboration with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival begun in 1993. Through this, an OSF Master class is taught to advanced students by OSF actors and technicians. For each of the 3 or four main stage productions each year, we hire lighting, costume, sound, and scenic designers as well as directors and choreographers from OSF.  We are pleased that so many of them, at least 10 to be sure, have returned almost every other year because they appreciate the efforts of these students. We have been honored at state for the past 15 years as the state HONOR TROUPE, which we won again this year. We usually win 5--12 state awards in acting, design and short film. On the national level, we were honored to receive OUTSTANDING SCHOOL THEATRE in both 2013 AND 2021 for exemplary work in our shows, thespian involvement, theatre advocacy and community service. Last year, we presented the who-done-it CLUE at the International Thespian Festival. We were thrilled.  We hope the tradition of excellence continues far into the future!