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Student Showcase

Class of 2011–12: Kathryn Sifford

Ceramics Artist
Roseburg High School

I am a senior at Roseburg High School. I started having an interest in clay when I was about ten years old and I spent a summer at the Umpqua Valley Art Center with my baby sitter who was a talented potter. My interest in ceramics deepened when I got to high school and was able to enroll in a higher level of ceramics due to my exposure to clay throughout grade school and classes at the Art Center. I am currently president of the RHS Clay Club where we mainly sell our work at the Umpqua Valley Farmers’ Market. I plan to stay active in ceramics, and as long as I have access to a studio, I will continue to do what I love…producing art. To Mrs. Raburn, who has taught me ceramics every year throughout the entirety of my high school career, I thank you for deepening my skill, seeing my potential, and providing me with such amazing opportunities.