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Student Showcase

Class of 2014-15: South Medford Jazz Combo

STUDENT SHOWCASE: South Medford Jazz Combo

The South Medford Jazz Combo is an elite group of musicians composed of eight students who are currently in the top, audition only Jazz band. It was started and directed two years ago by Zane Radford, senior. The combo performs a wide variety of jazz standards such as “Caravan,” “The Boy from New York City,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Misty,” “Adios Muchachos,” and “Sing, Sing, Sing.” Enjoy listening to South Medford Jazz Combo from South Medford High School perform “Night Train” by Jimmy Forest.

Band Members: Kevin Laupoln (piano), Andrew Skelton (baritone sax), Zane Radford (alto sax), Jesse Figurate (drums), Will Cramer (tenor sax), Julianna Hollopeter (trumpet), Amanda Hunt (bass).

Produced by: XRATS Productions