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Visions of Southern Oregon

Enjoy these stunning images by southern Oregon artists set to original music contributed by local musicians. When we decided to update our station identification slides, we asked our viewers if they would contribute photos and paintings to show us what SO PBS's broadcast area looks like from their corner of our world.

We received so many fantastic images, we decided to create some short interstitials and put the images to music. Then, when we asked for music, we received some amazing contributions of original songs from local musicians. Below are the first results of our collaborative visions of art and music. Please support your local artists and musicians who contributed their talents to enrich all of our lives.

Part Seventeen features the song: "For Ashland" - Performed by: Bring the Roses; Composed by: Gary Hensarling; Gary Hensarling- Lead Vocals and Guitar; Sarah Oppenheim- Vocals; Ran McCommons- Keyboard and Vocals; Tom Freeman- Percussion; Recording done at Freeman Sound Studio Ashland Oregon 2021

Visions of Southern Oregon - Part 15

Part Fifteen features the song "Everything We Got" by Billy Moon. All photos, paintings and drawings submitted by: Shannon Cornish, Phillip Salfen, Michael Jewett, Masa Kishiku, Mike Sandberg, Ken Smith, Ken Deveney, Gary Shade, Gregory A. Vinyard, Angela E. Ewing, Babara Street, Diane Newell Meyer, Cheryl Lundren, David R. Haynes, Lark Statton, Linda Smith, Carmen Gardner, and Billy Crawford.

Visions of Southern Oregon - Part 16

Part Sixteen features the song "Capture Del Sol" by Stephen Michael Moore. All images by: Shannon Cornish, Billy Crawford, Angela Ewing, Greg Rahm, Masa Kishiku, Jeanette Ahern, Natalie Weber, Barbara York, Gloria Mooney, David R. Haynes, Jan Abraamsson, Alan Laurie, Anne M. Jones, Brooks G. Hauschild, Caleb Murphy, Cristina Bond, Cladia Law, Tom Ommen, Terry O'Dell, Paul Hansen, Patrick Brewer, Chris Oswald, and Jon Lee.

Visions of Southern Oregon - Part 13

Part Thirteen features the song "At the Break of Day" performed by Jon Galfano. All photos, paintings and drawings submitted by: Renate Gyuro, Masa Kishiku, Martin Seim, Randy Sokol, Robby Mayhall, Rebecca Heigel, Barbara Bobes, Chris Oswald, Dough Farrell, Cora Aquino Yockers, Glenn Putman, Harry Brindey, Jennifer Goodson, Les Cornish. 

Visions of Southern Oregon - Part 14

Part Fourteen features the song "Crazy World" performed by Bruce Johnson. All photos, paintings and drawings submitted by: Angela Ewing, Barbara Bobes, Diana Standing, Martha Gonzi, Masa Kishiku, Melody Ashworth,  Shannon Cornish, Priscilla Andrews, Cora Aquino Yockers, Diana O'Farrell, Greg Rahm, John (Solly) Sollinger, Jon Lee, Kimberly Adams and  Les Cornish

Visions of Southern Oregon- Part 11

Part Eleven features an original song, “In the Valley of the Rogue” by Jeff Jones. Photography and Paintings submitted by Masa Kishiku, Jon Lee, Jennifer Goodson, Gregory A Vinyard, Bruce Anthony, Anne M. Jones, Calvin Edmonson, Gloria Kestenberg, Cora Aquino Yockers, Derek Shetterly, Gary Peterson, KJ Cumberbatch, Brooks Garten Hauschild, Paul Hansen, Linda Smith, Nomeca Hartwell, Larry Heath, Paula Fong, Jenny Grimm, and Harry Brindley.

Visions of Southern Oregon - Part 12

Part Twelve features original song, "Great Big Helpin'" by David Paul. Photography and paintings by Anne M. Jones, Diana Standing, Martha Gonzi, Masa Kishiku, Stuart Smith, Sol Blechman, Syndey Embry, and Tish Manley.

Part Nine features the song “Love on a Rainy Day” by Ricky Lisi, photos and paitings by Al Olson, Mike Mayne, Bruce Anthony, Masamichi Kishiku, Paul Hanson, Kyle Strauss, Jenny Grimm, Angela Wing, Tom Ommen, Tish Manley, KJ Cumberbatch, Liz Dunlap, Gus Wolf, Anne M. Jones, Angela E. Ewing, Les Cornish, Derek Shetterly, Cora Aquino Yockers, Cheryl Hollander, Linda Smith, Christina Bond and Rebecca Heigel.

Part Ten features the original song, "Get in the Car," by Daniel Nickels, with photos from Shannon Cornish, Robert Zarosinski, Masamichi Kishiku, Bud Liberatore, Caleb Murphy, Cherryl Walker, Gary Shade, Glenn Putman, Gregory Vinyard, Herb Kennedy, James Meyers, Jon Lee, Paul Hanson, Al Olson, Andy Draper, Christina Boyd, Rebecca Heigel, Cora Aquino Yockers, Diana O'Farrells and paintings by Renita Conifer & Genny Axtman.

Part Seven features the song "Katrina on the Prowl” by James M. Gambill, photos and paintings by Julie Rae Bickle, Bob Plank, Tom Ommen, Jennifer Bagwell, Ellen P. Latimore, John Kirk, Sarah Molloy, Margaret Garrington, Al Olson and Marilyn Hurst.

Part Eight features the song “Viento” by Charles Guy & Linda Powers, photos and paintings by Nomeca Hartwell, Angela E. Ewing, Masamichi Kishiku, Karl Brakel, Rebecca Heigel, Pamela Haunschild, Kyle Strauss, Angela Wing, Al Olson, Andy Draper, Barbara Bobes, Calvin Edmonson, Sarah F. Burns, David Hedelman, Derek Shetterly and Gary Peterson.

Part Five features the song "In the Valley of the Rogue" by Jeff Jones, photos and paintings by Earshel Hogan, Sue Bennett and Randy Sokol, and Kathleen Hoevet.

Part Six features the song "Sunrise Song" by Richard Wilson, photos and paintings by Elaine Frenett, Larry Heath and Randy Sokol, and Mike Machado.

Part Three features the song "Sun I See" by Jeff Kloetzel, photos by Glenn Putman and Kelley Clark, and paintings by Len Dickson and Paula Fong.

Part Four features the song "Made Me Believe" by Rick Coimbra, photos by Andy Draper, Kimberly Roberts and Randy Sokol, and paintings by Rick Evans and Gloria Kastenberg.

Part One features "The Song" by Kelley Clark, photos by Gary Peterson, Diane Standing and Ken Deveney, and paintings by Sarah Burns.

Part Two features the song "Springtime" by Bruce Johnson, photos by Al and Joyce Olson, Jacie Gray, Julie Rae Bickle and Jordan Jones, and paintings by Alan Laurie.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing "Visions" project in the form of art or music, please contact us at:

For photos please submit artwork no smaller than 1080x1920p