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All Across Oregon

Its origins are in southern Oregon, but the show will take you all over this beautiful Pacific Northwest, showcasing its unique culture, fantastic food and authentic people. Vinny DiCostanzo has gotten to know a fair share of people and eat a good deal of delicious food with decades of experience in the hospitality industry under his belt. Follow Vinny on his travels throughout the state in search of good eats, interesting people and exciting things to do. Let him be your guide as he acquaints you with all that Oregon has to offer.

Ep 6: Beautiful and Historic Jacksonville

All Across Oregon

Beautiful and Historic Jacksonville

Today on All Across Oregon , we’re heading to the historic town of Jacksonville. You’re going to meet some very nice , hard working families that have put a lot of love into what they do. First stop a well known B&B , then off to an amazing lunch at a very popular Mexican restaurant. We finish the day learning about the process of cultivating, and harvesting a wide variety of beautiful flowers!

Ep 5: Gold Hill Revisited

All Across Oregon

Gold Hill Revisited

Vinny takes you back to the town of Gold Hill where we'll see a natural phenomena that will make you scratch your head. From there, we have high tea and meet the family who has carried on this tasty tradition.

Ep 4: Zip, Dip, and Sip in Gold Hill

All Across Oregon

Zip, Dip, and Sip in Gold Hill

Today on All Across Oregon , We visit the old mining town of Gold Hill. We’ll see just what this
little town on the Rogue River has to Offer. You’ll be surprised as we introduce you to the Zip
Dip and Sip tour.. We start with zip lining , then jump onto a raft and head down the Rogue
River and Finish our day a a beautiful vineyard sampling their top selling wines .

Ep 3: Gems of Williams, Oregon

All Across Oregon

Gems of Williams, Oregon

In this Episode of All Across Oregon , we take a closer look at what real family heritage is.
We’ll see a couple of families in the wine world , who have put all their hearts into carrying on
their family tradition and making new ones along the way. You’ll be reminded of how much
work goes into your favorite bottle of vino and gain a whole new level of respect for the ones
making it happen.

Ep 2: Ashland Delights

All Across Oregon

Ashland Delights

In this episode of All Across Oregon , We are going to visit a landmark Breakfast restaurant
with some of the best breakfast dishes in Ashland. Then we take to the air with the owner of an
aviation company and see what really happens at a private airport. After that, we take a look
into the heart of a local family run brewery . You’ll see first hand what goes into making
your favorite brew.

Ep. 1: A Sample of the Rogue Valley

All Across Oregon

A Sample of the Rogue Valley

Our visit to a family run bakery, a mom and pop restaurant and a local pottery maker.