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Student Showcase

Class of 2013-14: Daniel Farrell

Electronic Music Producer
St. Mary's High School

Diving into the technical aspects of audio, Daniel’s hobby revolves around a fascination for the details of contemporary music production. Since he was six years old, Daniel has studied classical piano — through which he has developed a foundation in music theory that gives him the ability to effectively deconstruct and analyze contemporary tracks. An interest in DJ-ing and electronic music became a priority when Daniel was fourteen and has since provided him numerous opportunities to perform both locally and internationally. From the fundamentals of key signatures and chord progressions to the finalized additions of effects and sampling, his comprehension of production methods outside of the studio is what inspires him to further his proficiency within the studio. Deriving inspiration from both his classical idols (Chopin, Beethoven and Satie) and his contemporary idols (Aleksander Vinter (aka “Savant”), Adrian Thesen (aka “wearecastor”) and Benny Benassi), Daniel seeks to refine his own style of sound-design in an effort to efficiently create original, radio-quality tracks that appeal to a wide variety of music lovers.