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Student Showcase

Class of 2013-14: Julia Holden-Hunkins

STUDENT SHOWCASE: Julia Holden-Hunkins
Phoenix High School

Julia Holden-Hunkins, 17, has always loved to sing and dance, but never realized how important performing was to her until the summer six years ago when she first attended the Camelot Conservatory in Talent, Oregon. At first Conservatory was just a fun thing to do over the summer, but grew to become her passion. She is grateful for the many things she has learned and the opportunities she has had because of this wonderful program. She has tap danced, acted and sung in over 14 conservatory and main stage shows at Camelot Theater as well as some at Phoenix High School. She is a member of the PHS Chamber Choir, and has participated in All-State Choir and solo vocal competitions with OMEA. Trying to balance homework, friends, and theater has proven to be quite difficult, but luckily she has been blessed with a very supportive and loving family. The time and effort it takes to manage her busy life is worth it to her because she has big dreams for the future; she plans to attend college somewhere that will satisfy her academic pursuits along with her love for theater and music. While Broadway sounds wonderful, Julia will be happy as long as music and theater remain in her life forever.