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Student Showcase

Class of 2014-15: Taylor Chapman

Artist and Actor
Grants Pass High School

I was what you might call an artistic kid. I love to do art and perform. When I was about three years old, as soon as a pencil could be placed in my hand, I loved to draw. That was my past-time; my escape. I’ve been drawing religiously since that time and I don’t see myself quitting any time soon. My style of art that I focus on is portraiture and realism. I love drawing and replicating people’s faces. I love to portray their emotion and I enjoy binging out details that most people would miss entirely. I find a lot of beauty in flaws, because everyone has flaws, and that is what it means to be human. I have won several honors at my school for art including the “Junior artist of the year “award, the “Most Realistic artist” award, and I was placed into the Grants Pass art museum for one of my more recent pieces.

Not only was I immediately immersed into the art program at Grants Pass High School, but the theatre program as well. I loved the idea of being someone else and entertaining people. I recently starred in two of our High School’s productions: “Hairspray” in which I played Amber Von Tussle (the mean girl) and “Out Of The Frying Pan” in which I played Marge Benson. I have also been a part of the productions “Young Frankenstein,” “School House Rock,” “You Can’t Take It With You,” and a stage reading called “A Waiting Star.” My inspiration for my involvement with both art and theatre is my late grandmother Mary Chapman. She was my artistic support group, and she continues to help me succeed. I plan on attending Southern Oregon University this upcoming fall to double major in fine arts and Performing arts.

Produced by: XRATS Productions