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Eric Idle's The Entire Universe

Synopsis: A musical review covering the science, scale, and mystery of the universe. Features singing, dancing, comedy and stars (of the literal and famous varieties).

A singing dancing review of the universe? Count me in! I love science, space and musicals.

This program was full of mind-blowing facts, presented by Professor Brian Cox in a very understandable and wondrous way. I was not familiar with Professor Cox before watching this, but now I understand he is a kind of a Rockstar in the world of Physics. I also now know why. His way of describing the universe and the elements that comprise said universe made me feel like, for at least a short moment, that I had at least a basic understanding of the world around me.

Professor Cox’s explanations were so good in fact that the interruptions for singing and dancing weren’t always as welcome as I had thought they would be when I first read about this program. That being said, the performances were fun and bright. They just kind of distracted from the cool space facts. The cast is of the highest caliber, Warwick Davis being the most standout in my opinion.

This program, to me, is the epitome of British humor. Originally made by BBC, the humour (see what I did there?) was dry and wry, and some of the cultural references went over my head (into the great unknown). There was a Monty Python feel to the flavor of comedy, so if you are a fan of “Life of Brian,” then “The Entire Universe” may appeal to you.

Over all for me, I would say it was an entertaining hour, but I don’t know that I would watch it again or recommend it.