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Southern Oregon History

Southern Oregon PBS, formerly SOPTV, continues to win awards for original films that celebrate the rugged beauty and spirit of Southern Oregon. In keeping with our overall mission and values, we have focused on providing films that better connect our community and showcase our common history. It’s your continued support that makes programming like this possible.

To receive your copy of any one of these fine local shows, call us at (541) 779-0808 or (800) 888-1847. They are available for just $19.95 + $5 s/h.

A Catastrophe and Its Heroes

A sleepy town in Oregon is awakened by fire. Spectators are drawn to the center of town not knowing the worst is yet to come. Rescue workers rush to the scene only to be among the first victims of a series of terrible explosions. Before the night is over, everything within a 50-block radius of a single explosive-packed truck is in ruins. When the firestorm finally dies down, Roseburg and its citizens are changed forever.

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CRATER LAKE: Mirror of Heaven

Explore this legendary Oregon lake — one of the most of beautiful and deepest lakes in the world — formed by a volcanic eruption. Weaving together the chronicles of Native Americans and European settlers, the film narrates a truly gripping race through the politics of conservation at the turn of the century. This high-definition documentary explores southern Oregon’s magnificent Crater Lake.

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& The Chateau at the Oregon Caves

Visit the Marble Halls of Oregon and explore the history of the Oregon Caves National Monument. Learn how these spectacular caverns were formed, and what creatures have visited and inhabited them over the years. Next, get a peek into the historic Chateau at the Oregon Caves, one of the Great Lodges of the National Parks. Learn about the Mission-style furniture, famous guests, and how the Chateau was brought back from the brink of disaster. Built in 1934, the Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument is a rustic hotel in the Siskiyou Mountains adjacent to the entrance to the cave in the only active limestone formation in Oregon. The documentaries weave together the intricate stories of the people, landscape and architecture of the Oregon Caves National Monument.

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The History of the Applegate Trail

Learn about the construction and controversy surrounding this long, treacherous southern branch of the Oregon Trail from Fort Hall into the settlements of the lush Willamette Valley. Early settlers coming to Oregon crossed vast plains, foreboding mountains, and hot deserts only to find their biggest challenge — navigating the dangerous Columbia River.

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Southern Oregon Goes To War

During WWII, Southern Oregon was a major training center for the U.S. military. Find out about Camp White in this film.

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The Johnny Hampshire Story

Local WWII flying ace Johnny Hampshire’s story is documented, with interviews from people who knew him from childhood, and through his short military career.

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The War

In an effort to preserve an important piece of history and the contributions of southern Oregon’s local veterans, SOPTV interviewed eight area residents for their stories of World War II.

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OREGON LEGENDS: The John Dellenback Story

This program explores what motivated and formed Oregon legislator John Dellenback, a man of faith and conscience. Watch this profile of the life of Congressman Dellenback, a Republican from Medford who was also appointed to direct the Peace Corps.

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OREGON FINDS: Logging’s Living Past

A 30-minute travel documentary showcasing Oregon’s logging history through four very different logging museums.

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